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Lightweight bearings and line ball joints
Carl Hirschmann

Titanium is ideal for motorsport: extremely light, resistant and durable, it provides a solution wherever high stability and less weight are needed. Hence, Carl Hirschmann has chosen titanium for the inner rings of its newest generation of spherical bearings. The high-quality material is in the same class as ceramics but at a more favorable price. However, cold forming of the material can be difficult, which is why the company has chosen aluminum for the outer part of its lightweight spherical bearings.
Carl Hirschmann will also exhibit its latest high-performance line ball joints for race cars, GT street cars, special vehicles (for example, armored vehicles) and automotive lightweight constructions. The bearing technology offers high axial load transmissions and a compact design. Four standard sizes are available in two versions: performance line and high-performance line. Depending on the application, physical dimensions and load transmission parameters can be customized, with a high-performance line offering reduced weight with the same performance.

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