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DAY 2: Staübli is showcasing its Formula E advanced connector range

Automotive and motorsport connection specialist Stäubli has put on show its full range of advanced connectors for various vehicle components.

The company’s diverse connector portfolio is displayed on its booth using a partial model of a Formula E car. This model features Stäubli’s quick-release, non-spill brake line connector to ensure no air enters the braking system (for example, when a calliper needs to be changed). If the braking system does need to be bled, however, Stäubli’s newly developed bleeding couplings ensure an easier, cleaner and more efficient bleeding process.

Also on the display are the company’s break-away electrical connectors – as used on Formula E race cars – which release instantly during a collision to protect the delicate and costly wiring looms from damage.

Additional products include quick connectors for cooling systems, efficient refueling products for endurance races and a newly designed tire valve to replace standard Schrader applications.

“So far we have had some good conversations and people are really interested in what we have to show,” explained Yannick Lehuen, motorsport marketing, Stäubli.

Stäubli can be found at Booth #3032

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