Flexible and powerful advanced engine control unit
Link Engine Management

Link is proud to introduce its G5 Voodoo Pro, the company’s most flexible and powerful advanced engine control unit (ECU), designed from the ground up to unleash the most cutting-edge engines.

The G5 Voodoo Pro puts real magic in your hands with the ability to control port and direct injection, 24 injector and ignition drives, dual inboard e-throttle and digital wideband lambda controllers, CAN lock, advanced communications and many more features.

The G5 Voodoo partners with G4X to give Link two complementary engine management platforms and the flexibility for any performance goal and budget. According to Link, G4X is still the go-to solution for all the engines it currently supports. The company recommends G5 Voodoo if you need direct injection, have over eight injectors, need extra inputs and outputs, or want new features like GPS, Bluetooth and wi-fi.

All Link’s ECUs are backed by its commitment to quality service, with an integrated portfolio that is feature rich, easy to install and calibrate and one of the most reliable in the market, and its in-person technical support available to everyone, regardless of technical expertise.

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