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3D-printed turbocharger demonstrator
GF Casting Solutions

Speed is crucial in motorsports, not only on the racetrack, but also in product development. GF Casting Solutions offers rapid prototyping, spare parts on demand and short lead times for 3D printed components, plus support from the first design concept.

Additive manufacturing offers unlimited possibilities in terms of design, speed and production processes. GF Casting Solutions offers serial production of big components with complex forms and functional integration – even for motorsport solutions, thanks to printing spaces of up to 500 x 500 x 500mm as well as certified in-house post processing.

The new 3D-printed turbocharger demonstrator is made from Inconel 718 material, with a density of 8.2g/cm3, weight of 19.5kg and volume of 2,373.5cm3.

The turbocharger demonstrator boasts a great freedom in design options, including a focus on part functionality: extreme shapes can be printed, such as hollow structures, unique double-wall construction designs, or very thin walls; additionally there is topological optimization and the possibility to integrate a lattice structure.

Increased thermal insulation ensures effective operation of the turbocharger and performance is further optimized with increased air flow through the cylinders’ combustion chamber to augment the engine power output, .

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