New racing coilover models
KW automotive GmbH

Coilover experts KW will present no fewer than four new suspension systems: the three-way adjustable 3A EXR with external reservoir, the fixed-rate 0A, and two new versions of the four-way adjustable 4A.

The KW Competition 4A inline damper with its solid piston damping system is suitable for non-wheel-guiding axle constructions such as double wishbones and pushrod setups. They are widely adjustable thanks to the modular valve technology, which allows damping characteristics to be fine-tuned using different valve and spring configurations, enabling forces between 1,500N and 12,000N. Compression and rebound can be precisely adjusted over 18 clicks and thanks to the valves being positioned in series, the damper boasts cavitation-free function at a low gas pressure of 5 bar. Furthermore, it offers precise control at high frequencies, as well as direct response and low hysteresis.

The KW Competition 4A USD is suitable for cars with MacPherson struts and features an inverted mounting design, which allows a higher stiffness than normal dampers with a 30mm piston rod. The valve manifold with its adjustable series-connected valves is connected direct to the damper and allows adjustment for low- and high-speed compression and rebound. For flexibility, the expansion tank can be mounted either in a piggyback configuration, or connected via a stainless-steel braided line.

The solid piston system means that, depending on the application, the 4A USD can also be converted to a two-way adjustable damper or even a fixed-rate unit for use in cup series. All the while it retains its cavitation-free function, low hysteresis, high forces and fast response.

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