Period-correct wheels for classic touring cars
Irmler GmbH

If you’re struggling to find a period-correct wheel for your 1980s or 1990s era race car, be sure to stop by Irmler’s booth to see a new magnesium version of the company’s 9x18in forged wheel.

Irmler, which has traditionally specialized in test connectors, CNC machining and custom test systems, has been making the wheels from billet aluminum since 2009. Founder Steffan Irmler found that replacements for the classic racing wheels that defined the look of many 1980s touring cars were unavailable, so, using the company’s CNC and manufacturing expertise, he decided to produce a version using modern materials and techniques, while preserving the period-correct look. Irmler supplies all wheels to order and can produce them with offsets of your choice, and with either four or five holes, or even a center-lock system.

Booth: 4037

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