Hydrogen and e-fuels for ICEs

Finding a sustainable future for internal combustion engines (ICEs) is a challenge. However, with over 35 years’ experience in racing and high-performance powertrain and a team of expert engineers, Italtecnica uses leading technologies (01-D analysis, CFD, FEM, CAD) to enable ICEs to evolve to find a trade-off between performance and respect for the environment.

At this year’s expo, Italtecnica will showcase a patented passive pre-chamber that can be retrofitted to most existing engines, increasing thermal efficiency by up to 45%. The system is thoroughly tested and calibrated to run with ethanol and methanol, with ultra-lean combustion to cut emissions.

The company’s R&D department is testing the new generation of this technology, fueled by hydrogen, which can reduce greenhouse gases and particulate matter to almost zero.

Booth: 5000 / 6001

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