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ETS Racing Fuels' Renewablaze, with up to 100% sustainable components
ETS Racing Fuels'

The sustainable Renewablaze portfolio by ETS Racing Fuels is a new racing fuel innovation. It offers a true low-carbon footprint solution with no performance compromise. The sustainable racing fuels are available with up to 100% sustainable components based on cellulosic feedstock, meeting regulations such as European gasoline standard EN228, as well as FIA and FIM rule and defined sustainability targets.

Renewablaze has been successfully proven. For example, at the famous Dakar Rally and in diverse GT racing and motorbike applications. Premium championship organisers have recently announced the introduction of Renewablaze for their events. For example, as of 2023 season onwards, the Super GT championship in Japan will run on the fuel; one of the first Asian championships to do so and expectations are high that other championship declarations will soon follow.

As a strong partner to the motorsport industry and a pioneer of fuel development, ETS Racing Fuels experts are committed to support the motorsport industry towards a more sustainable future. This is why they have additionally developed Renewablaze 2G Diesel, which can be used to fuel the power generators at events providing renewable energy through their electricity grid.

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