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Precision Technologies

Precision Technologies International Limited is delighted to welcome Langstone Engineering Limited into the Gearing Up Limited group. Langstone Engineering Limited is based in Portsmouth, UK and has over 20 years of experience in mold tools, precision engineering and design. Specializing in five-axis machining with a team of around 45 engineers, Langstone serves customers in motorsport, aerospace and marine among other sectors.

Precision Technologies continued to invest despite the global pandemic. Having acquired the Hofler Viper 500K, the first one of its type in the UK, Precision Technologies is able to grind gears to an extremely high accuracy and produce the complex microgeometry often used in electric vehicle transmissions. This sets Precision Technologies at the forefront of high-precision gear production. From one-off prototype gears through to low-volume production but always at a high accuracy, this adds to Precision Technologies existing plant.

In addition, Precision Technologies has recently taken ownership of the latest CNC precision measuring center. Arguably the best machine in the world, the Klingelnberg P 65 gives support and verification to Precision Technologies’ production staff and most importantly to its customers.

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