Bespoke thermal solutions
PWR Advanced Cooling Technology

PWR Advanced Cooling Technology delivers unparalleled performance through compact, bespoke thermal solutions, which it will be showing at its booth.

It offers cutting-edge capabilities in heat exchanger technology, tube and fin, bar and plate, micro matrix heat exchangers (MMX) and additive manufacturing, resulting in high-level efficiency, compactness and lightweight designs. PWR supplies to prestigious motorsport series including Formula 1, WEC, Indycar, DTM, Super GT, Super Formula and WRC, setting new standards in the industry.

With multiple innovative brazing furnaces, CNC machining centers and wind-tunnel testing capabilities, PWR provides fully customizable heat exchangers to meet specific needs. From tube and fin to bar and plate and liquid cold plates, PWR provides turnkey solutions for optimized thermal performance in autonomous vehicles, energy storage systems and power electronics cooling applications.

The company’s extensive R&D and the latest advances in CAD modeling, CNC machining, reverse engineering, brazing, CT scanning and wind-tunnel testing enable PWR to provide an end-to-end partnership for all its clients’ thermal solutions.

PWR has facilities in Australia, the USA and its new, 3,500m2 manufacturing site in the UK.

Booth: 5045

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