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Neil Beswick

Neil has 29 years of experience in manufacturing operations, procurement, and supply chain management within high-performance engineering sectors. He leads Ricardo's supplier engagement programme, ensuring its partners share the company's commitment to a safe and sustainable future. He is responsible for sourcing high quality, fast delivery, best-cost components and systems from across the world with sustainability and risk management firmly embedded into the procurement process. Neil works with clients and supply partners of all sizes to identify and deliver opportunities to support growth whilst increasing positive environmental and social impact through our shared business activities.


Engaging your business partners for sustainable growth and positive impact

The motorsports industry is facing a unique challenge as it seeks to balance the requirement to reduce the environmental impact of the sport without compromising on performance, cost, or efficiency. Sustainable supply chain expert, Neil Beswick, explains how engaging with the value chain for sustainable growth is enabling Ricardo's motorsport clients to focus on environmental impact in line with or ahead of published policy and regulation. He will share Ricardo’s experience of building sustainability into its value chain, and how effective supplier engagement can help to reduce carbon emissions generated within the supply chain without compromising competitiveness.