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Yann Labia

Yann is the motorsport fuels manager at H-C-S Group which owns two racing fuels brands. Yann has a chemistry background and has been working with the ETS Racing Fuels brand for 15 years. He focuses the group's resources to develop and provide low carbon emission solutions, through sustainable fuels for the racing vehicles in motorsport events and the infrastructure powering those events.


Renewable racing fuels as true drop-in solutions

Renewablaze is a product range at ETS Racing Fuels that contributes significantly to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by reducing overall CO2 emissions. The fuels have been developed to be true drop-in solutions, avoiding fuel line and tank modifications. They offer high performance, reliability and knock resistance and are designed to reduce engine emissions and issues by adapted formulations. Renewablaze fuels are made of 2G bio components from cellulosic wastes (plants/trees and wasted food). They use components that are ISCC & RED II certified and therefore offer CO2 reductions according to international standards.