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Nimrod Ludescher

Nimrod is a qualified Motorsport Engineer (MSc, Cranfield) with a large passion for internal combustion engines. He is experienced in combustion analyser systems, engine control strategies and engine development. He took part in, and supported Formula Student teams, experienced in OEM engine calibration (base, emissions, OBD), developed engine controls (SW and calibration) for Koenigsegg Jesko and Gemera, and is currently managing BDN Automotive, a motorsport tech startup since 2019.


Hypercar and restomod powertrain and electronics

Designing the electrical and logical layout of a racecar or restomod is a point missed many times. This presentation will demonstrate how it is done by BDN. Together with the powertrain development, it will show how different software can be matched, what the criteria are for track or road use ECUs and PDUs, and then present our funniest mistakes through the process. Theory and experiment are always different, so we take the KAMManufaktur 912c- our most recent project - as an example.