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Jonas Jarlmark Näfver

Jonas has an MSc and Tech. Lic. in Vehicle Dynamics from KTH. Prior to his current role, he worked in lap simulation development at Toyota Motorsport, research in simulation, simulators and track testing at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, and in race engineering for teams in GT, ELMS, STCC and WTCC.


From click to performance – damper dynamics and static damper graphs

A large number of engineers with race teams and manufacturers use the static damper graph as their sole information when adjusting dampers. In a steady-state situation, this is a reasonable approach. The only problem is that the life of a damper is highly dynamic, and the actual response can be far off from the static graph used for making decisions. This workshop will discuss the physics of how the static and dynamic response of the damper can affect the performance of the vehicle. The discussion will introduce the balancing required between opposing needs and competing traits when trying to improve the overall performance of the vehicle for a specific track, driver and session.