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Axial flux electric motors

Michael Lampérth, CEO of Phi-Power, makes the case for axial flux electric motors, arguing that their high power density makes them a good choice for motorsport.

What is the background to your presentation and what will you discuss?

Axial flux motors have been around for many years but have only recently become a popular choice in automotive applications. My workshop will review the different type of axial flux motors, their application and the manufacturing challenges.

I founded my company Phi-Power three years ago to develop the next generation of axial flux machines. With an experienced team, we designed a product range of high performance axial flux motors. These are already in use in a wide range of applications, from racing to industrial vehicles. We also develop custom and integrated motors and generators for OEM customers.

What advances have you made in axial flux motors and how can they benefit race teams?

Phi-Power has implemented axial flux technology in high-performance hybrids, packing a 200Nm motor in a space of 300mm diameter and 45mm length. This allows for instantaneous additional torque without lag. By supplying stacked multi-core axial machines, Phi-Power can offer up to 1MW of burst power as well as a torque of 1400Nm, all in a package weighing just 80kg.

What do you hope will be the main takeaway for those attending your workshop?

I hope participants will understand that axial flux is the best solution for many applications, if not necessarily all of them. The benefits of axial flux motors should become especially apparent when engineers have a certain available space envelope and a required performance characteristic. After all, axial flux motors might be a technology they had not previously considered, because not that long ago, they would have been impossible to build with the kind of performance that modern manufacturing technology allows now.

Catch Michael’s free-to-attend workshop (German Language) Axial flux motors for high-performance hybrid and EV applications on the first day of Professional MotorSport World Expo. View the full program here.

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